Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"I was diagnosed with scoliosis two years ago by a spinal surgeon. The only help he could offer was spinal surgery. I decided that the risk involved in spinal surgery was too great. As the spinal problem progressed over time I developed breathing problems because of the misalignment of my spine. I was referred to Dr. Alyse Duffer, a chiropractor and DOT Certified Medical Examiner. On my first visit Dr. Duffer performed a thorough examination to determine the causative factors and provided me with an excellent analysis of the issues involved. She provided me with an unrushed explanation of the proposed procedures and exercises. I was very impressed with Dr. Duffer’s professional knowledge and analysis. Through manipulation of my spine, electro therapy and an exercise regimen, Dr. Duffer was able to decrease my pain and relieve my breathing problems. As the result of the treatment I have been able to resume my daily activities to a degree that I have not known for years."

- Genevieve Anderson, RN / Pearland, Texas

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"Retirement means different things to everyone, for me it was to lie around, eat junk food and read, something I never had time for when working. After a year of doing NOTHING, Dr. Duffer entered my life to help me get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Through exercise and body alignments I can truthfully say at 67, I’ve never felt better. Dr. Duffer listens to my complaints of, “I hurt here or there,” she then adjusts my exercise plan to address my problem areas and follows up with the proper adjustments. I can’t praise her enough for helping me be the best I can be!!!!!"

- Beverly Gregory / Deer Park, Texas

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"Wow! What a fabulous new wellness center. So proud of Dr. Duffer and can’t wait to get my treatments at aAvance Chiropractic Healthcare. AWESOME!!! Anyone looking for the BEST Chiropractor in the Clear Lake area…she is so awesome! Can’t wait for my friends and family to meet such a fabulous gal! Today I celebrate a big win! One year ago today I began training and have accomplished things I never thought possible! Over this past year, I traded in some fat for muscle, enjoy running (who would have thunk), and have become a much stronger, faster, capable and smarter woman. My faith has increased & my health has been transformed. I was able to get off all prescription meds (blood pressure and thyroid, etc). The list goes on! I’m so blessed and thankful! Dr. Duffer, thank you for impacting my life in a HUGE way! Thank you for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself."

- Stacy McMillan / South Houston, Texas

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"Dr. Duffer changed my life! Several years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Prior to being treated by this amazing doctor, I was in severe pain and had difficulty getting through each day. My mobility was dramatically impaired and I spent most days depressed at the thought that I would never walk, exercise or enjoy life as I used to. Using a personalized exercise program, nutritional guidance and a variety of gentle chiropractic treatments, I’m a new person. She helped me lose 40 pounds and I feel young and energetic. I walk without pain, ride my bike, bowl and do anything physical that I desire. Because of the creative way she continues to treat my disease, I look forward to living a pain free lifestyle with endless possibilities."

- Leslie McGrath / Pasadena, Texas

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"After a debilitating accident skiing, which tore all the ligaments in my knees and injured my lower back, I had resigned to the fact that I would live in pain and not be able to function normally for the rest of my life. But, thanks to Dr. Duffer and her knowledge of the body and it’s mechanism of movement, I am able to run 5K’s and go for daily walks and lizard hunts with my precious “Cavaliers”. I look forward to a life of mobility."

- Rhonda Tausend / Clear Lake City, Texas

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"At 51 years young, I have no plans of slowing down. I continue to participate in marathons, ½ marathons, triathlons, and mud runs. My ultimate goal is an Ironman. Dr. Duffer has been instrumental in keeping these dreams within my reach. Dr. Duffer has treated my countless injuries and put me right back in action whether I’m on the kayak, bike, trampoline, or track. And, I AM PAIN FREE!!! She is the first person I go to immediately after each race, as I recognize her chiropractic treatment is an integral part in the recovery process. In addition, I recognize the compassion and caring Dr. Duffer gives each person that walks through her doors. She is genuinely concerned with the person as a whole. As a psychiatric nurse, I am proud to share a profession of healing and caring with such a devoted professional."

- Jeanette Anderson / Friendswood, Texas

Chiropractic Webster TX testimonial"Sitting at a desk for 40+ years (and much of the time in front of a computer) has not been kind to my body. Fortunately I found Dr. Duffer. Now as I near retirement, I can thank Dr. Duffer for her adjustments, treatments, and “tough love” exercise guidance. With Dr. Duffer’s help, I’m enjoying an active lifestyle."

- Joyce Schultz / Seabrook, Texas

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