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Chiropractor Alyse Duffer D.C.

Chiropractor Alyse Duffer D.C.

Chiropractor Webster TX Alyse DufferFUNCTION! FUNCTION! FUNCTION!

Dr. Alyse Duffer has a simple approach to her style of Chiropractic care at aAvance Chiropractic Healthcare in Webster, Texas. She asks every single patient “What can I do to help you function at your optimal level?” Dr. Duffer certainly has the credentials to guide her patients to achieve this goal. Let’s just start with hereducation; a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Masters in Exercise Physiology, Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Performance, Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, and a DOT Certified Medical Examiner’s License.

Dr. Duffer utilizes a functional approach as to how the spine and extremities are integrated when an injury occurs during a certain sport, occupation, or activity. She treats her patients with the goal of getting them back in action whether it is the activities of daily living, occupation, or recreation. She has a wide range of expertise in the profession from sports injuries to holistic care. Another attribute is the gentle adjustments on patients throughout all stages of life, from children to the elderly. Her experience with a diversified clientele, over the past 25 years, consist of professional football and baseball players, nationally ranked cyclist, world class boxers and bodybuilders, astronauts, firefighters, policemen, FBI, SWAT, and military.

A new feature Dr. Duffer just added to her practice, aAvance, is providing physicals for the Department of Transportation as a Certified Medical Examiner. She is proud to help the commercial drivers across the United States attain their high medical standards so they can drive safely and provide us with safer highways.

Chiropractor Allison M. Long D.C.

Chiropractor Webster TX Allison LongDr. Long views chiropractic as a chance to make a meaningful impact on her patients’ lives. Not only does she want to help patients get out of pain but also help them live a full and enjoyable life. Dr. Long has been involved in the chiropractic profession since 2002. Dr. Long’s experience in the profession, in addition to her education, which includes a Bachelor’s in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic, is what elevates her care above the standard chiropractic model.

Dr. Long began her chiropractic journey in a small town in Oklahoma. She brings her talent from her successful practice in Oklahoma to join the aAvance team in Webster, Texas. We are thrilled to add her to aAvance Chiropractic Healthcare. She brings experience in techniques which include: Activator Method, Thompson Drop, Diversified and manual myofascial release techniques. Her adjustments are gentle, effective and tailored to her patient’s needs.

She has extensive experience working with geriatric patients. On the other end of the life continuum she has helped many expectant mothers and then cared for their newborn after delivery. Full family care is Dr. Long’s love. “To see an entire family enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care is truly touching and I am humbled when they allow me to help them achieve optimal health.”

Gerry Hart - Certified Clinical Chiropractic Assistant & Office Manager

Chiropractic Webster TX Gerry Hart CA and Office ManagerMy background, which consists of 35 years of extensive managerial experience, has led me to this extraordinary practice where premium patient care is the number one passion of Dr. Duffer and her dedicated team. Having a personal experience as a caregiver has given me a unique approach in caring for others.

My goal is to greet you with a warm welcome that will make your day better.

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